Lyubomir Nikolov

Writer, translator, journalist, editor and introducer of the gamebooks genre in Bulgaria, Lyubomir Nikolov is among the most renowned contributors to SF in Bulgaria. He has already been recognized on a European level too: by a Eurocon award for Best Author in 1987, and a Eurocon award for Best Translator in 2008.

His books include Novi prikazki ot tsyal svyat [New Fairytales from around the World], Kartitsata [The Mole] and Desetiyat pravednik [The Tenth Righteous Man]. The last of these and some of his short stories such as “The 101st Law of Robotics” and “The Forest” have been translated and published in Russia. Nikolov has written over 30 gamebooks, which were widely successful in the 1990s. Among the authors whose works he has translated into Bulgarian are John R. R. Tolkien, Frank Herbert, Stephen King, Arthur Clarke and Robert Sheckley. His translation of The Lord of the Rings earned him the annual Award of the Association of Buglarian Translators in 1991, and recently he won a similar award from the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation.

Lyubomir Nikolov is most certainly the Grand Master of Bulgarian science fiction: he won the national nominations by a landslide. Now he aims for European recognition.


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