Nikola Raykov

How do you make a little child fall in love with a book? How about giving them  the chance to choose what will happen?

Nikola Raykov, the creator of the interactive stories about the adventures of a little gremlin, has captured the hearts of thousands of kids and their parents alike. The award-winning bestsellers are an interactive form of literature similar to gamebooks. However, unlike them, GameTales are aimed at toddlers and young children. The opportunity for a child and a parent to play together and make the decisions that will shape the fairy tale is something you will not find anywhere else.

Nikola Raykov has written and published adult-oriented SF, fantasy and dystopias, including a film script. They have garnered various Bulgarian awards. However, he rose  to fame with the first of his children’s books, written for his three-year-old son: a work of art and love, where baby trolls and granny dragons coexist with the Big Good Wolf and the bragging fish Goldy. Raykov turns every cliché upside down, joyfully playing with fantasy and fairytale stereotypes. The book sets out to spark the imagination of children with nearly a hundred ways to be read and helps them understand how their choices shape their reality with twenty different endings. In only a year, The Big Adventure of the Little Gremling went through three reprints and received seven nominations and awards.

The second GameTale, which came out only a few months ago, is playfully called The Even Bigger Adventure of the Little Gramling — and BIG it was! On over 120 large pages, it offers twice as many adventures and thirty different endings. The first reviews have been even more positive than for its predecessor.

Nikola Raykov firmly believes in sharing his work with readers. Both of his books are available for download absolutely free. “If you have poured your heart into something, if you have tried your best, people will actually feel that and give you their unconditional support. There is no need to hide your work: people are not thieves,” says the author, who also designs, publishes and distributes his books. He plans to release electronic versions of his GameTales in English, Russian and Italian by the end of the year. All of them will be available for free.

You can see some of the designs in The Big Adventure of the Little Gremling on its official website.

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