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Nikolay Tellalov

Nikolay Tellalov was born on 28th June 1967 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Having lived in various countries and changed numerous jobs, he published his first book, Da probudish drakonche [To Wake a Dragon Girl], in 1998. It became the first instalment in the ongoing Dragon cycle: the next ones being Tsarska zaraka [A Royal Decree] (2001), Palnozemie [Full Earth] (2003) и Slantse nedosegaemo [Sun Untouchable] (2009). The cycle remains Tellalov’s best-known and best-loved series.

Tellalov also wrote a standalone novel, 10-9, which focused on nanotechnology, and Angeli paziteli [Guardian Angels], a collection consisting of a novella with the same name and several short stories. Meanwhile, he has contributed short stories and novelettes to various Bulgarian anthologies.

This is not Tellalov’s first nomination for Eurocon, proving his fame as one of the most successful and loved Bulgarian science fiction and fantasy authors. His books have won several Best SF Book of the Year and Best SF Book of the Decade awards. Full Earth, the third entry in the Dragon series, was included in the literature curriculum of the international United World College of the Adriatic in Italy.

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