The Citadel – Promoter

The team of the Citadel ( are the representatives of the Citadelata fantasy club from Sofia who organize various events for the site and the club. They include Alexander Draganov, chairman of the club, Iskren Ivanov, Iveta Atanasova, Vasil Mirchev Jr., Milen Stanislavov, Petya Ivanova and many others who help with the organization.

We try to promote fantasy and science fiction in two ways. The first is via our website, where a reader can find everyday news from the world of fantasy in literature and cinema, read reviews of popular (or not so popular) books and movies, vote in various online competitions.

The second way is via our club. It was founded in 2001, originally as a Conan-dedicated club, but later expanded its interest to various branches of fantasy and science fiction. The club organizes regular meetings every week, in which we discuss and present books and movies or play games. The club also organizes two to three large events per year, inviting many fans from the whole country to special presentations of popular fantasy or superhero characters, focusing on recent books or movies.
The club and the site also have annual Awards since 2001. They let fans vote for Best Book, published in Bulgaria in the past year, Best Author of the Year, the book we want to see translated, Best Movie, Best Fantasy Hero and Best Fantasy Villain. We also have special awards for Bulgarian authors and books.

The club also publishes fantasy anthologies. The first one, Beast Unknown, was released in 2003. In 2011, we started a new series of anthologies with Swords in the Ice. Last year, we released Swords in the City, an urban fantasy collection, and this year, we hope to publish Swords in the Sea, a collection of sea adventures. For 2015, we plan to release Swords in Space, where we will try to mix science fiction and fantasy storylines in a way similar to Star Wars, Warhammer 40,000 or the Deathstalker novels by Simon R. Green.